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With text messaging, Facebook Live and Whatsapp, I feel like when it comes to organising events, it’s TOO easy to just send a message to your friends via the internet. As I am a traditional girl who loves books(you know, the ones you get from Waterstones), type writers and a pen and paper, I thought I would create a nice invite for the latest event me and Gary are hosting at our house.

Inbetween fitting our windows and organising fixtures for our bathroom, we haven’t had much time for socialising so we decided to host a barbecue in our garden this coming weekend. As well as cooking some great food, we also wanted to watch some movies on our new projector and enjoy some quality time with friends and catch up on some laughs and good times.

As I wanted an invite for this, I headed over to Paperless to see what great designs they had that I could use. With styles inspired for weddings, housewarmings, business launches and birthdays, I knew I would find something gorgeous to send over to our friends to celebrate this latest get-to-together.

To start off my search I looked through the parties and entertainment section and selected the summer entertaining invites. As I wanted to find something that related to us and our garden, I choose the Tresco x Liberty design as the flowers reminded me of the ones that we have growing in our garden.

Now don’t be daunted at the thought of editing an invite online as Paperless has made it truly easy to do. With a few clicks you can change the font, the font size and font colour of your invite and even choose what colour you want your envelope to be! The Tresco design had the option of sending out hard copy invites or sending ones over email but as we didn’t have much time left until our event, I decided to send them via email.

Once you have decided on your design, you simply enter the email addresses you want it sent to and just press send! It tracks who has opened the invites and also lets you know who has RSVP’ed which will help with big events so you have an idea of numbers etc.

I must confess, I have caught the invite designing bug a bit when I was doing this and I am already planning what event I can host next to create an invite for.

Why not try creating an invite yourself? Some are free to send and its great as you can find a style that suits your next event or occasion perfectly!

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