My collections on eBayeBay is a regular site in my life and if I’m not selling anything on there, I am always looking for a fashion bargain or rare find. With that in mind, when I was given the chance to work eBay, I jumped at the opportunity.  eBay has added the new “Collections Section” which is a brilliant tool for all their Fashion Forward Customers.
Easy to use, when you start browsing, I think the feature will help with trend shopping and also help show you what your favourite items would look like together.

Before, when you were looking at an item, you were able to bid or watch the it. Now, you can add the item to ‘My collections’ which is listed in the same panel. Once you have clicked the link, you can add the item to a new collection which you can create yourself or add it to any collections you may have already created.

I think this feature is great for sharing with friends and also great for inspiration and trying some clothing and styles that you normally wouldn’t wear.

I have created 13 collections altogether, ranging from trends like Check Mate, which is all about plaid and tartan, to themed collections like Animal Magic which contains cool pieces celebrating all things Fashion and Animal! I try to wear things that a lot of people wouldn’t normally wear, so by creating some of my own collections on eBay, you can see how wearing something a little outlandish can still look trendy or hip without going all out. Out of all my collections, I think Pastel pieces is my favourite, as it incorporates new colours for S/S 2014 but any shapes or cuts are a go! I am also a massive fan of pastel shades, so this collection is ideal for me for summer.

Why not browse My Collections and even try making some yourself, as you never know what Fashion and Fun directions it may take you!

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Pastel collections on ebay

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