Daydream Nation is just that

Daydream Nation are that cute site that is born and bred in Hong Kong. With Artistic Jewellery and individual pieces of clothing that have a major designer essence, check out Daydream Nation and their kookiness online now!
Below are just some of my favorites – So cute!
‘He Loved Coin Bags’ Necklace
‘And He Writes’ Necklace
‘The Wanderer’s Cape’ Short Jacket 
‘Those Dancing Days’ Cardigan
‘Pieces of Me’ Apron Dress, in White and Dusk Green
‘Leave Myself Behind’ Leggings
‘Envelope’ Dress in Grey

One response to “Daydream Nation is just that”

  1. Dora says:

    I love the dancing days cardigan.All the items are so pretty 🙂

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