Dear Santa, Can I have this from boticca…

I think Santa is going to be a little peeved off at the excessive size of my Christmas list this year and now I have seen these fab pieces on Boticca, it’s getting even bigger….
Loop Head Band
Boho Small evening/Shoulder bag
Rabbit X ring
Girl about town is aimed at the more individual girl who loves something a little different!
Twig Wreath ring
Fossil D-shape ring
Earth Mother is the perfect choice for all those spirtial and slightly hippie Mum’s that love their statement jewellery and something a little urban chic.
Showtime Clutch
Magic eye necklace
Singing Ring
Teenage Angst is all about the hard and heavy accessories that are perfect for touching up a simple outfit.
I think my favourite of these trends is Girl about town. It’s edgy, different and has some key pieces that would be fab to inject into your wardrobe!
View more of the gift guide and profile selections on Boticca.

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