Decorate your Ankles and shoes with Tabio

We all love that Tabio produce accessories that are different and have a little edge but it’s surprising that many love the product but have no idea on how to wear them.
Among these little treasures of Fashion, Ankle Cuffs are a great way to dress a plain shoe or give a little ‘something-something’ to an outfit that needs re-touching. As Tabio do some amazing ankle cuffs, I wanted to do some outfit ideas featuring the different style cuffs that you can buy on-line or get in store at Tabio today!

For a more relaxed and summer look, these ankle cuffs are perfect for the 70’s trend that is all over the high street an catwalks.
Layered with H&M sandals and Tabio heart Sock, this style looks effortless and girlie at the same time.

With a nice pair of monochrome shoes from Faith, these Frill Cuffs look chic and cute, embracing a little Chanel inspiration that the French would love to get their hands on. 

Mix and matching your Tabio product is always fun and these Cuffs show you can also pretty-up a pair of Topshop Brogues with the help of Tabio.
Some pretty ankle bows can really add depth and interest to a plain black shoe

These Frill bands can also add a feminine touch to any shoe or boot

Lurex ankle cuffs are a good way to add a little sparkle to any footwear. Visit your nearest Tabio to accessorize your footwear for day and night.

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  1. haha, cool and fun are those! have a super weekend, lovely! still need to shoot you an email, as talked a while ago “Post” & “Tabio”! haven’t forgotten! xoxo

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