Designer wonders at Wolf and Badger

Wolf and Badger have loads of gorgeous goodies for us designer lovers, so after a recent store visit, I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.
(You have been warned, you may fall for some of the following)
Zanacco are known for their Italian made shoe that excell with quality and class. Now the brand have developed some great belts to give an extra little taster for their new and existing customers.
Pyrrha is the jewellery brand that has tones of historic style and feel. With a medieval look with inspirations from coin pressing and signatures, Pyrrha have tapped into a very unusual and strong look for jewellery.
If you are an animal lover, Aradia Nista Art has some gorgeous pieces of jewellery that has cute little mice and shrews just popping out of apples or generally having a sniff at their owner.
Marcelle Lawson-Smith has taken inspiration from the orient and created animal themed pieces with Tigers and Dragons. With elongated chains and laser cut-outs, the brand has created an interesting collection that has been used before but turned it on it’s head.
For more designers like these visit Wolf and Badgers’ online shop or their store in Notting Hill.

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