Dietbon, the perfect diet meals delivery service

Eating healthily is super important to me. As I love to run and keep fit, I also like to watch what I eat. I’m always keen to try healthy meals and that’s how I discovered these diet meals from Dietbon. Dietbon is the perfect diet food delivery service that caters to those who want to eat right and lose weight.  I had never heard of the brand before but I liked that they had balanced meals, a large variety to choose from, and small portions which I think is key!

When you visit their website you can arrange to speak to one of Dietbon’s dietician. They are there to learn about your eating habits and show you how Dietbon can help you. When you have a plan worked out with them, you can start selecting what meals you want to try in your meal plan. There are lots of meals to choose from and best yet, you can be super organised and plan out your meals for the week which will help with food wastage and the not knowing what to eat each evening.

What I really love about Dietbon is the quality of the food. I wasn’t sure how the dishes would taste but the options we choose to be delivered were lovely! As I am a pescetarian, I ordered mainly fish dishes and some veggie ones but what’s best about Dietbon is that they have tons of options for many different dietary requirements. I do lots of running also so I need to replace my protein and have a healthy balance of carbohydrates for my energy levels. I’m pretty good at keeping my sugar intake low but if you struggle with a high sugar diet, your Dietbon dietician can assist you further.

The dishes were super easy to cook and prep too. Most of them only required a few minutes in the microwave and best yet, you can mix and match some dishes together to keep it interesting.

One of my favourites was the Hake steak with rosemary rice and vegetables in lemon sauce. The Hake was so chunky and tasty and I loved the lemon sauce and rice. The Catalan tuna and rice was also really good and the sauces that come with these dishes are rich and really flavoursome.

As well as main meals, there is also plenty of snacks, soups, breakfasts and desserts to choose from too. I’m a huge fan of pancakes so I loved trying out Dietbon’s ones and they even have little cakes which are great to keep in the fridge and they tasted SO yummy!!

All the meals from Dietbon have a detailed description of the ingredients on the packaging and all the dishes are 100% natural without preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours and the meals contain only organic ingredients.

I definitely felt a difference in my eating habits and my weight after my Dietbon trial. Even though the portions aren’t big, I still found that the meals were satisfying and filling. I stomach felt better also, less bloated and not super full. I don’t tend to weigh myself as I do a lot of exercise and muscle building but these meals really complimented my work out routine. I had lots of energy and felt great inside and out.

I would definitely recommend Dietbon. The meals are really delicious and easy to prepare and they are great if you don’t have a huge amount of time for a full sit-down dinner. They also have some great soups which are ideal for work and their desserts are too good!

To start you off on Dietbon, sign up and receive 50% off on your 1st, 4th, and 6th month of the program. To take advantage of this offer, use code: DBUK via this link

DISCLAIMER: This is a paid review.


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