Dinner with Ambassade Auvergne, Paris, France

During my recent trip to Paris, Gary and I headed to Ambassade Auvergne, a delicious restaurant in the centre of the city near the Rambuteau metro station. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came upon the place but the staff were super friendly and the menu looked so nice!

I was pretty full up from eating generally (as we always tend to eat loads when we go away) so I was saving some room for a main but Gary had a starter and tried the Snails, chorizo, croutons and freshly-cut salad. The snails (which I do insist everyone try at least once), were super tasty and they were an ideal way to start the meal.

While we waited for our main, the staff came to our table and showed us the amazing mash potato that the restaurant is famous for! It looked so fresh and it wasn’t long before they returned and served us our mains. I opted for the beef (with mash of course) and Gary had the sucking Lamb leg. My beef was so AMAZING! It was tender, melted in my mouth and the sauce was divine. Gary really enjoyed his lamb leg too which fell off the bone and their famous mash potato was simply beautiful.

If you are in Paris and fancy a hearty meal, Ambassade Auvergne is definitely the place. With great service, fun people and of course, incredible food, you will have a fabulous time there and I can’t wait to go back!

DISCLAIMER: Gary and myself were offered a complimentary meal for an honest review.


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