Dinner with Bouillon Racine, Paris, France

Paris is full of wondrous restaurants but really Bouillon Racine is a complete GEM. With a rich history(since 1906), this restaurant is one of the most magical I have ever been in. With a 1920’s whimsical style, Bouillon Racine is the hang out for fairies, pixies, hobbits and of course romantics alike. It is a complete feast for the eyes and it is for the stomach too.

Menu-wise, there are plenty of great options to choose from. My French was a little basic at the time(I am starting to learn more now) so we were given a full English menu and even the staff spoke some English which was super helpful.

We were really hungry as we had been travelling all day so got on with ordering straight away. For starters, I choose the Foie gras with a strawberry chutney which sounded utterly divine. The strawberry was just right in terms of sweetness and it was delicious from beginning to end. Gary ordered the sea bass with a mango sauce which was just perfection. The mango was like an explosion of flavour in your mouth and if my starter wasn’t as good as it was, I may have had major food envy.

When it came to the mains, there was a lot of good dishes to choose from. As well as a vegetarian option, there was sea bass, lamb, filet of beef, fish of the day and duck. I opted for the beef with beans and Gary wanted to try the duck with orange and carrot. My beef was beautiful. Soft and cooked perfectly, the beans were a great companion and it is a meal I can’t wait to have again.

The duck Gary had looked just as nice. With the mixture of carrot and orange flavour, it was beautifully presented and tasted utterly amazing.

We were pretty full when it came to dessert time but when we looked at the menu, we knew we would force down a delicious treat. Gary sometimes does order something sweet but when he saw there was a cheese board on offer, he knew he had to try it. I, on the other hand, love something sweet so I ordered the ‘dessert of the day’ which was a white chocolate dessert with raspberries and jam. The texture of this dessert was so unbelievable. It was a mixture between a cake and a mousse and it was so tasty. Gary’s cheese board was really good too and didn’t seem to last 5 minutes once he got stuck in.

To wash down our food, I opted for Baileys which was very much needed and Gary tried Bouillon Racine’s house red which he seemed to enjoy immensely.

If you are on route to Paris soon and want to try somewhere special, Bouillon Racine is definitely the place to go. With it’s beautiful and original interior, it is a place where lovers, friends and family can gather, enjoy some great food and wine and best yet, enjoy each other’s company too.

DISCLAIMER: Gary and myself were offered a complimentary meal for an honest review.


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