Dinner with Chez Francoise, Paris, France

Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise ParisChez Francoise Paris

I don’t think I have ever been to a restaurant as lovely and classic as Chez Francoise before. With it’s white table cloths, waist-coated waiters and traditional menu, Chez Francoise is a luxurious restaurant that is perfect for any Parisian lifestyle.

Set in the parliamentary area in the capital, we almost couldn’t find this chic restaurant when me and Amy headed there but after seeking advise from some passing strangers, we found the restaurant and was greeted by a warm and inviting team.

After introducing ourselves we were seated, given menus (they had both French and English) and given some recommendations of dishes to try. As Amy needed some gluten free options for our meal, the staff gave us an allergy menu which they give out to any customers who have any food related allergies. It was great to see in black and white what you could have and it seemed to helped Amy loads.

Chez Francoise ParisChez Francoise ParisChez Francoise ParisChez Francoise Paris

After having swordfish yesterday, it was nice to have something different and a steak with roasted potatoes seemed like the perfect choice. Amy opted for a chicken dish with a tomato based sauce and after referring to the allergy list, we knew this dish was gluten-free.

Chez Francoise ParisChez Francoise Paris

To start off the meal, we were both given a small dish of Salmon with nuts and oil. It was only a small proportion but it was great to have a palette cleanser before our mains and the mixture of nuts and fish was divine.

Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris

Once we finished off our starter, it wasn’t long before our mains arrived and I first set eyes on my delicious streak.  Cooked to perfection and just the way I like it, the meat was soft, tender and tasted wonderful with the potatoes and fresh greens. Amy seemed to enjoy her dish too and you can see what she said about her meal on her blog here.

Chez Francoise Paris

Before we knew it, our meal was nearly over but there was still time to order our desserts and I think this was definitely the best part of the meal!  The staff recommend the white chocolate cheese cake to me which I thought sounded great and when it arrived at our table, I knew I had made the right decision. Made into a small block of creamy goodness, the cake as light, delicious and just sweet enough for anyone who loves a dessert. The strawberries on top and the sauce were a great partner for this dish too and just writing this makes me want another slice now!

Chez Francoise ParisChez Francoise Paris

As there wasn’t many gluten-free options on the menu for Amy, the chefs actually made some ice-cream from scratch and serviced it with a delicious bed of fresh raspberries. The ice-cream smelt amazing when it arrived and it was wonderful to have the staff create this dish for Amy which made her feel pretty special.

Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we first arrived at Chez Francoise but it was truly a magical experience. We both had a great time and the food was just sensational!

Big thanks to Chez Francoise and Restopartner for having us! It was beautiful!

Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris Chez Francoise Paris

Images by Amy and me.


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