Dinner with Five Guys, Tottenham Court Road, London

There is always a cult following when it comes to places to go in London. Whether it’s the cat cafe around the corner from your flat or ‘that place with the ball pit in East’, when it comes to bars and restaurants that are a little different, the Londoners go mad for it.

Now I tend to like going to places that many haven’t experienced as it gives me good content for the blog but also gives me some sort of leverage amongst the lifestyle pack. Now sadly when it came to Five Guys, I was very late to the boat.

Inspired by traditional American burger joints, Five Guys prides itself on making good food that is quick, tasty and served in a brown bag that feels almost trendy. The look and feel of their restaurants are clean and simple and I love the red coloured uniform that you see in their logos, menus and interiors.

As I am a ‘booth bitch’ (SATC reference), I adore seated booths in restaurants and there are tons in Five Guys. In a rich red leather, the décor does suit the whole message the brand are embodying and with the monochrome, checked tiles throughout, it just works.

When I first walked in with my mate Ryan, I was surprised at the price of a meal (it’s about £11-15) but let be clear… This is not McDonalds or Burger King.

I ordered a Cheese burger with bacon, a coke and fries and Ryan ordered pretty much the same. After we paid, we filled our drink cups up and waited for our food to be cooked. All the food at Five Guys is all cooked fresh, there’s no row of burgers waiting to be put on a tray so at least me and Ryan knew our burgers would be hot, fresh and ready for us to saviour.

Now you maybe thinking that £12 for a burger meal is a lot but I can tell you now, the burger was AMAZING. Cooked well done as all burgers should(only steaks should be served raw), the meat, cheese, bacon and fries were just perfection. The chips were cooked with the potato skins still left on which made them crunchy and moorish and the meat in my burger was just so delicious!!

Even though it is more then may you want to spend on a burger meal, it is completely worth it and I left the restaurant feeling happy, full and mentally making a note of when I can take Gary to a Five Guys near us.

You tired Five Guys yet? Love to hear what you think!


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