Dinner with Gars, Brighton

Gars Restaurant Gars Restaurant

When I first read about Gars I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  A modern, Family-run Chinese restaurant with quiet eating spots and a great nightlife? The idea just seemed like an unrealistic dream to me but when me and Gary arrived at there, we were pleasantly surprised.

Based a stones-throw away from Brighton Beach, Gars restaurant is that perfect place that has good food, a great atmosphere and enough privacy for any lovers to enjoy a romantic meal. With two main areas of the venue (one is an area for Karaoke, the other is for dining), it was surprising that these two worlds didn’t spill out onto each other.

We arrived late (which I hate) but were warmly welcomed by the team and shown to a two seater booth. Now even though our table was situated next to a walk way, our booth seats had really tall backs which made us feel like we were the only two people there. The noise from Karaoke fun didn’t disturb us or the other diners either so with a feeling of relaxation already, we ordered some drinks and explored the menu.

Gars Restaurant Gars Restaurant

I always love having chicken and sweetcorn soup when I have Chinese so I ordered that but Gary decided to try something different.  With a love of sea food, Gary ordered the King prawns fried in salt, pepper, chilli and spring onion. Now I always know when Gary is enjoying a meal but he totally loved this starter. He was making all the right yummy noises as he tried to devour his dish as quickly as possible and he had a big smile on his face afterwards.  My soup was delicious too with tender chicken and the sweetcorn was crunchy and morish.

Gars Restaurant

For our mains we ordered the Traditional cantonese roast duck with soy sauce, crispy shredded beef with chilli, Fried noodles with beanshoots and the classic egg fried rice. We have both been huge fans of duck for ages so it was great to try that with the soy sauce. The meat tender, tasty and bursting with flavour and there wasn’t too much fat either as ducks can  be like that. The chilli beef was heaven served in a birds nest and the sauce was devine too. The noodles were a great addition especially if you’re vegetarian and the rice was soft and fluffy. I’m not sure what dish I preferred more but all tasted supreme when I gobbled them up with chopsticks.

Gars Restaurant Gars Restaurant Gars Restaurant Gars RestaurantGars Restaurant Gars Restaurant

A dessert at the end of a meal is a very important to me(sweet tooth and all), so I was keen to try something new from Gars. I wasn’t really sure what I fancied before I looked at the menu but the traditional Japanese crepes with strawberries completely swung it for me.

Now crepes I have tried before but these were something else! Accompanied with vanilla ice cream, icing sugar and  pineapple, this dish is a dessert-lovers dream and was totally fun to try out. I really loved the strawberries which gave this dish a real flavour kick and a nod to one of your five-a-day too.😄

Gars Restaurant

We also received fortune cookies at the end of the meal too which as a really nice touch as not many Chinese restaurants tend to do that now.

Gars Restaurant Gars Restaurant

Me and Gary had a really romantic time at Gars. We don’t get to meal together often with work and the house being done up so it was a really lovely treat and the food was perfect and great to share with your diner buddy.

So if you’re down Brighton way or you’re planning a trip, why not stop by Gars? I promise you won’t regret it!

Gars Restaurant


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