Dinner with Planet Hollywood, London

When I was young, Planet Hollywood was this cool, iconic restaurant that I was lucky enough to go to when I was celebrating my 12th birthday. Fast forward to the modern day and the restaurant which I remember so dearly is in a different location, still in central London but is a very different animal.

As it was a school night so Gary couldn’t meet me for dinner so an old friend, Craig came along with me and sample the menu.

Movie memorabilia still hangs from the walls but its more toned down rather than in your face like before and it felt like there was an element of fun as soon as we walked in the door.

After being greeted and confirming our reservation, we were taken to a booth(my favourite type of seating) and given menus to glace over. What I noticed first was the great choice the restaurant had. There were classics like pizza, burgers and steaks but then there were plenty of gluten-free options and some Asian dishes also to choose from.

I had been thinking about a burger that day since I woke up so I opted for the BBQ bacon cheeseburger with tasty potatoes skins to begin with. Craig decided on the Surf and turf burger which sounded fab and the world famous chicken crunch for starter which made me a little envious. We also pushed ourselves over the edge and both ordered Planet Hollywood’s famous Supernova Shakes (one strawberry big bang and one chocolate comet) which arrived first and was like a hit of sugary goodness but did feel us up slightly before our mains and starters arrived(I never learn!)

I have to tell you now that my meal was delicious. The potato skins were beautiful and my cheeseburger was fabulous too! Craig seemed to enjoy his also(we both went quiet while we were eating) and once we had finished our food we ordered a few cocktails which had fabulous names like Legally Blonde, Titanic and Thriller. (I love that!)

If you are around central London and want good food and a good time, Planet Hollywood is the restaurant to go to. The vibes in the place were ace and even me and Craig were jigging around in our booth and the cocktails really ended the night perfectly!

Big thanks to the staff as they were so friendly and also thanks to the team for giving me a shout-out on the big screen, it was great!

DISCLAIMER: I was offered a meal for two in exchange for an honest review.


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