Dinner with Trader Vic’s, London Hilton, London

I am always keen for a little slice of the tropical life but sometimes when in London, it can be a little hard to find. Lucky for me though, I had arranged to see some of my closest girlie mates so we needed a setting that was fun, yummy and perfect for a catch-up.

And that’s where Trader Vic’s came in. Located right on Park Lane in the London Hilton hotel, this restaurant was the perfect place to enjoy some food and have a girlie chatter with cocktails. It also had the right slice of the tropics too which was well needed as the sun doesn’t show itself as much in autumn.

Set underground, the restaurant looked like a wonderous cave full of treasures when we first walked down the grand staircase. Cute, intimate booths lined some of the walls around the room and warm, wood furniture tables and chairs gave the place a relaxed and inviting feel.

Once seated we glanced over the menu and noticed the great options of dishes we could order. I really wanted to try out the Jalapeno cheese balls for a starter and for my main I ordered the Blackened Cod which was utterly delicious!

The girls ordered the Goat for their main which was perfectly cooked and the Assiette Creole for their starter which did look amazing!

As Trader Vic’s is the original of the Mai Tai® home, w definitely wanted to try out some cocktails and experience what the savvy mixologists had instore for us. As I am a very picker drinker (I like anything sweet), I decided to try out their pina colada cocktail with a twist of orange. As well as tasting great(I had 3), I loved the cute, little barrel glass it came in which is a great example of what Trader Vic’s does well. While creating great food and a lovely atmosphere, it’s the little extras that the chain offers which makes your experience with them brilliant and has made me want to go back time and time again.

For more details on Trader Vic’s, please visit their website here.


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