Discovering our past with Ancestry DNA

I don’t know why but when I was a teenager, I never really wondered what my heritage was. I think I was more concerned with what CD single I was going to buy from HMV that weekend or what I was doing that evening when I got home from school.

It’s a shame really that the younger generation generally doesn’t seem too keen to learn about their families past. I had so many opportunities to ask my Grandad about the war, where he was imprisoned by Italians(and then the Germans) and even ask him about his parents but I didn’t and I do regret it.

I was lucky though that my Nan (on my Mum’s side) was with us till the ripe old age of 93 so I did ask her about her past and sometimes when she was happy to share, I did get some information from her that helped me start my own family tree.

I have traced back my family for nearly 6 generations, but I was really keen to dive deeper into my past and thankfully Ancestry DNA did just that!

Along with Gary(the hubby), Ancestry sent both of us DNA kits to find out more about our heritage and what shapes us today. I wasn’t sure at all what I would find and Gary had no idea about his family so it was a great experiment for us.

After we received our kits, we followed the step by step guide(spitting in a tube is grim but all part of the fun) and sealed off our samples to be sent back via the royal mail. Once Ancestry received our DNA kits, they sent us an email to let us know they have arrived and about two-three weeks later, our results were in!

Now, normally I would have opened that email in a flash(I don’t do waiting) but Gary and I wanted to do a reveal in this little video together which we thought would be fun and show our true reactions. (If you are a member of our families – Enjoy, it’s rather interesting!)


As well as seeing all the results listed, Ancestry also list DNA matches you have from other Ancestry members that have taken part! Ideal if you are looking for some long-lost relatives you had no idea about.

If you are interested in your heritage, Ancestry DNA is definitely worth a go. It’s not a bad price at £79 and it really does open up your mind to your past and also what trips you might take next. (We are already planning a few after seeing these results!).

I was a little disappointed at first with my results as I thought I would be more worldly but funny enough, after reading my results a few more times, it shows my Ancestors are from more parts of the world then Gary’s are including Caucasus which I know will make my stepdad happy. 🙂

I would love to hear if anyone else has done this test and what results they got?!

Buy your kit today here:

My results:

Ireland/Scotland/Wales (Irish region of Connacht is very prominent): 38%
Great Britain: 33%
Europe West: 14%
Scandinavia: 11%
Iberian Penninsula: 2%
Caucasus: <1%
Finland/Northwest Russia: <1%
Europe South: <1%
Europe East: <1%

Gary’s results:

Scandinavia: 32%
Europe West: 26%
Ireland/Scotland/Wales: 18%
Iberian Penninsula: 11%
Europe South: 10%
Great Britain: 2%
Europe East: <1%


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