DIY: Like it, frame it

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I have always been a little obsessed with art. Whether its oils on canvas, prints or neon lights, I like anything a little different.

As we are in the process of buying a house, big art splurges aren’t really allowed but adding a little art to any dwelling doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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Most bloggers love a good fash-quote and this Chanel one I really wanted to get in a frame and it will eventually take pride in our future walk-in wardrobe. The print was actually in a goodie bag from London Fashion Week a few seasons back and I have been holding onto it ever since. It looks great in this frame from Wilkos and overall, this whole thing cost me less then £3! If you want something similar, you can easily type up a quote and print it out onto card to put in a frame and as this is a really cheap thing to do, you can update any room with a different message whenever you want.  If there is a certain font you want you can easily find a website that provides them for free or you can even buy really arty ones from Etsy for as little as £8.

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The other picture here is from Hey Heather. I discovered her designs a few weeks back and I decided that her London print would look great in one of these Wilkos frames too. I love the cartoon artwork Heather has created here and the colour with the white and black really makes this design pop-out. If London isn’t your bag though there’s one for Paris and New York in a similar design so you can have a piece of your favourite city in your living room or wherever you fancy it.

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