DIY: Shredded Denim

DIY Shredded Denim BunnipunchI really have the DIY bug at the moment so I thought I would try and make some shredded jeans with this pair from Superdry! I love the contrasting dark and light blue of these jeans so I thought these would be great to give a beaten and scruffy look.

To create shredded details on your jeans you firstly need:

1) a stantley knife

2) a white pencil

3) some cardboard

4) your hoover – It gets a bit messy

DIY Shredded Denim BunnipunchDIY Shredded Denim BunnipunchTo start off, use your white pencil to mark out the lines that you want to cut along.  If you are going to use a lighter pair of jeans then a normal pencil can be used for this. DIY Shredded Denim BunnipunchOnce your lines have been drawn, insert the cardboard inside the leg of the jeans you want to cut first.  DIY Shredded Denim BunnipunchAnd now you can start cutting! Please make sure your fingers are out of the way as the stanley knife is likely to jump a little when you are cutting the fabric.

DIY Shredded Denim Bunnipunch DIY Shredded Denim Bunnipunch DIY Shredded Denim BunnipunchAfter you have cut along all the lines, you are pretty much done! It is up to you if you want to stretch the rips with your fingers to make them bigger but I am pretty pleased with my finished results. I did add some more rips towards the top of the jeans and the bottom for an extra effect but really, you can do as much cutting as you like!

Good luck! Please share any images or links if you have had a go of this yourself!

Images by Gary Spencer-Tracey


3 responses to “DIY: Shredded Denim”

  1. I’m always nervous when knives are involve but I used to do this with jeans to create ripped denim shorts!

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