Does my Bum look ‘Very’ Big in this?

‘Does my Bum look BIG in this?’ is the Old-age question that has been asked by many Women for many years.

But what I don’t understand is why ask it at all when you may not like the answer you get?

Husband’s and Boyfriend’s all around the world must get asked this on a daily basis so why are we making them lie or squirm to avoid truthfully answering?

It’s not a question I have ever uttered but I have a boob problem not a bum one. I am a 30 GG and am a size 10 but with clever styling, I have been able to deceive many family and friends and you can too!

Here are a few things that I swear by to hide our little graces that keep us awake at night…..

Maxi Dresses – Maxi’s are a great way to hide a curvy bum, so if you are small up top, wear a strappy maxi to enhance a flat or small chest.
Make sure you buy a maxi dress that is not figure hugging as this will enhance everything you are trying to hide.

Dip Hem – Whoever invented the Dip Hem should be rewarded with a medal. With a longer back then front, the dip hem cut usually comes in tops, dresses and skirts and is ideal for giving you a less curvy and straight-down look. When buying a dip hem top, make sure it is slightly generous or the correct size as they can sometimes perch on the top of your bottom, giving away your shape that you may be trying to hide.

High waisted Jeans – For those who fear jeans or denim in general, the high-waisted style is perfect for flattening tummy’s and for giving the wearer a nice smooth shape from your tummy to your hips.

The Long Blouse – If like me, you are rather large chested, have a look at some soft and floaty shirts that have a slight Mannish cut. Try and get one that is loose-fitting and ends on or just below the largest point of your thighs and it will help disguise them also.

Things to avoid, like the PLAGUE:

Unless you have no hips and skinny legs, Jodhpur’s can add weight to your frame in an instant.

Cargo pants can also add weight to your lower body with large pockets on the legs and bum. Unless you find ones with small pockets, they are best to avoid.

And lastly Hot pant, but I don’t think I need to tell you why….


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