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Does what you consume affect your health? This question is perhaps the most common in people’s minds and thanks to the burgeoning information plastered on magazines, blogs and social media, you can safely answer yes. However, what you consume is not just tangibles like food and drink; you also consume energy that can affect your health exponentially. Below are two ways why what you eat affects your health:

Energy and mental health

The ‘energy’ here means your emotions, especially negative feelings such as anxiety, stress, depression and others that are detrimental to your mental health. As research would have it, the impact of stress on your skin or behaviour is a clear indication that your mental health is deteriorating and needs immediate attention.

More than anything, your energy creates a distinctive aura that affects how you relate with others. In perspective, when you have stress, you’re in no capacity to understand or feel empathetic towards others; this could lead to hostility, confrontations and strained relationships.

Negative energy takes away positive perspectives and drains you to the point you can no longer cope well with your mental health. Eventually, this catches up to your physical health. A case in point is how you can tell someone is unwell by merely observing them.

The best way to resolve this is to be positive in your thoughts and actions through meditation or counselling. Hopefully, this will be enough to turn things around for you. 

On the flip side, positive energy attracts happiness, contentment and a peaceful mind for you to live your best life. When you’re genuinely happy, your mental health and physical health improves, allowing you to live to your fullest potential.

Moreover, because positivity allows you to overcome challenges and come up with positive solutions, you’re able to take better care of yourself in terms of pursuing your goals, nurturing your talents and growing your relationships.

Lifestyle choices and overall health

The most obvious input to your overall health is your lifestyle – what you eat and drink. It’s no wonder nutritionists, dieticians and lifestyle coaches are on hand to help people create a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

To regurgitate experts, it’s advisable to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to wash down toxins and help cells grow. Healthier foods foster mental health, healthy growth, better sleeping patterns and wellbeing too. 

However, there’s such a thing as eating too healthy, which could potentially lower your energy levels and affect your mental health, particularly if you’ve just switched to a healthy lifestyle.

Consider adopting clean eating, which allows you to eat less processed food instead of completely removing them from your diet. More importantly, it’ll help you maintain a balance between your healthier options and the occasional treats.

Another unhealthy lifestyle is excessive drinking which could cause liver problems, increase anxiety and cloud your judgment. Therefore, it’d be best to drink alcohol moderately to promote sobriety and nourish your body.

Lastly, your sleeping patterns affect your body’s ability to produce new cells conveniently and maintain a healthy system. Sleeping for fewer hours lowers productivity and your ability to deal with your life choices. On the other hand, sufficient sleep energizes you and promotes good health.

After reading this article, you can categorically agree that you are what you eat and become what you believe. By having positive energy and healthy habits, you’ll successfully live a happier and more fulfilling life.

DISCLAIMER: This is a collaborative post