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Carrying on with my home interior ideas, Gary and I spend a huge amount of time in the living room watching our vast DVD collection. The DVD shelving we have can sometimes take over a little so I have found some great pieces of furniture that will give the room a nice impact including these amazing Vevo doors which fold out and bring the outside in – Genius!

As we aren’t ones for patterned wall paper and prefer blocked colours so printed and busy accessories such as rugs, wall hangings and cushions will give the room some depth while, bold and unusual shape furniture will make the room an interesting look and give personality to your features and tables etc.

Dark colours work best in a really bright room and even a feature wall with one solid colour will also make the room look bigger and warmer than just four walls of the same shade.

Try and keep your sofa a lighter colour then the furniture and walls as this will make the couch stand out and will look nice with dark accessories against it.  I love a bold colour like this Jade sofa but again, a nice cream and tan would look great in this room.

You may prefer a carpet to wooden floors but either would look great with a room like this. If the room is big, then dark wooden flooring is a great contrast with the natural light but the smaller the room, try and keep your flooring light as it will make the room look bigger.

Why not try out making your own image like I have above with items you want in your lounge. This is a great exercise as you can then see how your room will look and how the colours of your walls, furniture and accessories match against each other too.

1) Bi-Fold Doors – Vevo

2) Sofa – Marks and Spencer

3) Wall Hanging – Alexander McQueen x The Rug Company

4) Butterfly Cushion – Alexander McQueen x The Rug Company

5) Coffee table – Marks and Spencer

6) Floor Lamp – Laura Ashley

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