Dreams and aspirations for 2019

2019…how did you get here so fast?

I swear, every year I get older the years just disappear quicker. With that scary thought in mind, I have started evaluating what dreams and aspirations I have for the new year and what I really want to accomplish.

Some of you may know that I started up my own social media business just over a year ago and have been enjoying working for myself and taking some time out. But after some time to reflect, I really want to build Shebang Digital in 2019 and even take on some freelancers to help me out too. It would be great to manage some social media channels for more music artists which I have done previously and even build on some influencer projects which I love doing.

Watch this space.

Writing a book(friction) has always been a BIG dream of mine. I have written a few books already(done at least 9 chapters of two) but with lots of ideas floating around my head constantly, it’s a dream I definitely need to focus on and try to finish by the end of 2019. It’s a career I would like to do into my old age so I better start laying the foundations now.

My blog has opened so many doors for me. It led me to create my old PR company Carrot Top PR, it has enabled Gary and me to stay in hotels aboard and it has given me a voice, a passion and a creative outlet that I love. For 2019 my blog will be heading into more of a general lifestyle and the travel sector with Fashion moments and also updates on our house as we renovate it. I want to blog more this year too and secure some great projects with some great brands.

What are your dreams for 2019?

Coat – Episode, Jumper – Joanie Clothing,  Jeans – Superdry, Boots – Dr Martens and Bag – Moschino.


7 responses to “Dreams and aspirations for 2019”

  1. Rena says:

    Your sweater makes me smile and you combined it in such a cool way!
    xx Rena

  2. Sammy says:

    Love these goals – They’re great and I hope you achieve them all this year!

    Also, love your jumper!

  3. Maitra Ttara says:

    Nice blog. Thanks for inspired me.

  4. Jessy Tessy says:

    You are such a beauty. Your dressing sense is just amazing. You are an inspiration to many. All the very best girl!

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