Dreams and aspirations for 2020

Happy 2020! It’s been 100 years since my Nan was born (sadly she is no longer with us) but it’s just a reminder of how quickly the years go by and how we should treasure every moment we have.

With that in mind, Gary and I are determined to finish renovating our house. It’s been going on for 4 years and we have had to go back to brick and beams in every room. As you can imagine we are a little fed up of brick dust, mess and not being able to relax in our home at the weekend. I have definitely felt that a lot of things have like my blog, press trips and holidays away have been hugely affected too. When you only have weekends to do things together and grab some content, it’s hard when those weekends are taken up by renovating, painting and countless trips to Wickes. The end is near though as we are only a few weeks away from finishing our kitchen which will only leave our living room and the stairs left to do – YEAH

Kitchen renovation Bunnipunch

I had a fair few goals set for myself at the start of 2019 and after learning that I should definitely walk before I run, I have decided to be a little more sensible and not go all out with my dreams and goals. As my aspirations can be a bit BIG, I have decided to try and prioritise tasks to make sure the more urgent ones are out of the way or are integrated into my routine so I can then introduce bigger goals later on. For example, I really wanted to get a fiction book I want to write started in 2019 to present to publishers. I am totally serious about this goal but instead of cramming lots of things into my life, I have decided that is it better if we finish the house first so in that way, I am freeing up more time to start a book in late 2020.

Dreams and aspirations

My own mental health is very important to me. Thankfully I haven’t had depression for a few years now but I still suffer from anxiety which is something I really try to combat everyday. I don’t like taking mediciation long term but I am finding that running at least 4 times a week and being more active in my work life is helping. It makes me feel more relaxed in myself and I am trying to break the habits that feed my anxiety like checking the door is locked several times before I go out. Hopefully once the house is done I will feel more relaxed and less anxious when I go out. Dreams and aspirations

What dreams do you have for 2020? Are you aiming for something special or for more life balance?


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