Edinburgh, Christmas 2012

By Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Pet cemetery

Buried pets

Cannon view

Roof of the great hall

A great fire

Christmas tree for Royality

Night time


Creepy shop


Radisson EdinburghChristmas is always a time for stress and running around so this year my husband and I decided that we needed a really peaceful Christmas where we could enjoy our time together without the rushing about.

We both love Scotland so Edinburgh seemed like the ideal location and the Radisson along the Royal mile would be perfect to enjoy our Christmas Break in. As well as engulfing a LOT of food, we also occurred our time with sight-seeing. Edinburgh Castle was medieval structure that stood on one of the cities hills and the views from the castle itself were breathe-taking. With huge stone walls that told stories and tales of Queen of Scots and England’s attempts to rule, the castle is well worth a visit and their Chocolate and Raspberry bits from their gift shop is amazing!

As well as visiting royalty past, we also took a trip down to the National Museum of Scotland and learned about the history of this beautiful land and how they never gave up their freedom for anyone. With a look into their religious past and William Wallace, it’s very an educational place to go and see all the artifacts inside.

There was plenty of shopping to do also in Edinburgh and I eventually caved in and bought a Men’s ‘Heritage of Scotland’ purple kilt which I am hoping to wear to fashion week but as well as the novelty pieces, there are nice boutiques and jewellery places where you could buy something special for yourself or someone back home.

If you have never been to Scotland, Edinburgh is a great place to start as it truly celebrates what it is to be a Scot and will be a nice warm up to their sometimes colder weather.

All images are by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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