Enjoy fresh summer skin with Panasonic’s facial cleansing brush

Fresh summer skin is so important to me in the warmer months. I love wearing no makeup at this time of year so I always aim for my skin to look fresh, clean and natural.

The Panasonic facial cleansing brush is the answer to all my skin prays. With its round head and soft-bristles, this facial cleansing brush massages and cleanses my face all in one go. Used with a cleansing product, it will leave your face feeling brand new again. The brush can be used powered or manually. Powered, the facial cleansing brush rotates, vibrates and gives a deep and focused clean on any area of your face in which you use it. The brush exfoliates removing any dead skin, improves circulation and massaging effect stimulates firmer, plumper skin and helps decrease fine lines.

Panasonic facial cleansing brush

How to use it

If you haven’t used a facial cleansing brush before don’t worry, it is super easy. Start off slowly with the brush dry and clean. Move it around your face once then add a cleanser that you like to use. Now work the cleanser around your whole face by moving the brush in a circular motion.  Make sure you use it thoroughly on any tough areas like your T-Zone. There are a number of opinions when it comes to how often you should use the facial cleansing brush but it’s best to experiment yourself. Try using it a couple of times a week and see how you get on and see how your face reacts.


As well as using the facial cleansing brush, it’s also important to keep hydrated, as your skin and body will benefit hugely. Try swapping your fruit juice or fizzy drink for water and if you need a little flavour, tea is also a great option.

Now go forth and try the Panasonic facial cleansing brush. You will feel like new and you could even try going makeup free yourself this summer.


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