Fashion, outrage and a Baby

Harper Beckham new york fashion week watches mum's fashion show I have caused some outrage today.

I have always been one to speak my mind and after months of shouty and complainy Facebook status’ from a particular person I know, I had simply had enough. This person constantly complains about their kids waking them up or their husband or both and I just snapped.

I Hate listening to people complain about their kids and how it affects their sleep. That’s life, if you like your sleep, don’t have kids!‘ was the status I wrote and many people I know especially those with Children, got very defensive.

I think as people, we all have something to complain about from time to time but it’s totally uncalled for when people complain about something they have chosen to do. Whether it be working freelance, paying a mortgage or having children, you have chosen to do those things so why complain about something that you were happy to go along with?

I work for myself, do many long hours and am living back in Essex to have a better life later on but I choose to do this so what would give me the right to complain?

If you have Children and they have the most awful sleep patterns on earth, surely you knew this maybe the case before you signed up for the next 18 years of laundry, wet bedding and dinner making!?

My Husband and I do things for our families which sometimes effect our time together and what we need to do for us but we do favours and devote our time as we love our families. We don’t have a bitch session on Facebook because our families have affected our lives.  We do what needs to be done and carry on with our lives.

What’s worse is there are women and children on the other side of the planet that are raped daily, people in wheelchairs, those who have no sight and some that are so riddled with Cancer that there is no hope, so REALLY, do you have anything to complain about?


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