The Gunman film review 2015 The Gunman film review 2015I’m not used to seeing Sean Penn in an action shoot ’em up but his latest adventure, The Gunman is a real thrill ride that is action packed from start to finish. As a member of a trained team that that are given secret and deadly assignments, eventually the past catches up with Penn and he goes on the run. Co stars include Ray Winstone, Javier Bardem & Idris Elba so Penn is in brilliant company throughout and if your boy loves violent films then this is the one for him.

The Gunman is released in cinemas from 20th March.Disney's Cinderella film review 2015 Disney's Cinderella film review 2015 Disney's Cinderella film review 2015For those Disney fans, Cinderella is released this month and is as magical and fun as the original. A film that is aimed for families and kiddies,  Cinderella stars Lily James as the innocent and ever so sweet Ella(Cinders). With tragedy from a young age, she is forced to live with her horrid Step Mother as played by the talented Cate Blanchett and some cruel Step Sisters.  This film does pluck at the heart strings a little and is easy to watch and Disney lovers will love it too.

Cinderella is released in cinemas from 27th March.

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