Fit for the New Orient

The Pretty Junk and Fit flop The Pretty Junk and Fit flopThe Pretty Junk and Fit flopThe Pretty Junk and Fit flop

The Pretty Junk and Fit flopNormally when someone thinks of Fitflop, visions of comfortable yet maybe dull footwear generally jumps to mind. I was never really sold on the brand until I got to see some of their new products for S/S 2013, and believe me, they have some rather exciting stuff happening.  As the shapes are very traditional I wanted to shake up the look of Fitflops and give them a really different look.  I have styled the Walkstar in white which are super comfortable and have that sports chic look so they were easy to dress on-trend for this post.

The Pretty Junk have some awesome baseball tops at the moment and they are super on-trend. I love this Unicorn motif version and I think the top matches the Fitflops perfectly. As I was going for a casual look, these trousers from New Look are the perfect trouser to finish off this summer look. With a comfortable and baggy fit, I can’t wait to wear these in the summer or even just lounging around the house.

I wanted to accessorize the Fitflop’s with some socks and these oriental style socks from Tabio, really give the Fitflops a completely different look and tick another trend box for S/S 2013.

So if you have some Fitflops to style, how would you wear yours?

Top – The Pretty Junk

Trousers – New Look

Shoes – Fitflop

Socks – Tabio

Necklace – Claires’s

Ring – New Look

I have also styled some more Fitflops but will keep you posted on that soon…


3 responses to “Fit for the New Orient”

  1. Tara says:

    Oooooooh how I love that top!! Sooo freakin’ rad.

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