Five budget friendly ways to achieve a designer bathroom

Designer bathrooms are wonderfully welcoming spaces, boasting plenty of storage space, perfect lighting, and generously proportioned fittings and fixtures. And they can cost a lot of money but, you can achieve the perfect designer bathroom of your dreams even on a budget. Here are some of the ways:

Plan It

Before you start work – before you buy so much as a single new towel – have a good idea of what you are doing. This does not mean understanding plumbing, but it means having a cohesive idea of what you want your finished bathroom to look like and how you will get there. Changing your mind, or finding that your luxury bathtub does not fit the available space can be a horrible waste of your money and time. Draw up your plans, take careful measurements and perhaps even consult a bathroom planner. Check Harrogate Bathroom‘s website for designer bathrooms in Harrogate.

Minimise Disruption

Even if you are putting in a full brand-new bathroom, you can take steps to both shorten the renovation process and the costs. The biggest way of achieving this is to use the existing plumbing points for your new bath, toilet and basin. In this way, the plumbers simply need to attach the furniture, rather than try and alter the water-flow and ensure good drainage from a new point.

DIY What You Can

While plumbers should be called in to fit the toilet, basin and bath to the water supply, and electricians must be trained in bathroom electrical fittings, there are a huge number of bathroom design features that you can purchase and fit yourselves: everything from your storage units to cabinets to replacing your tiles can be DIYed to save the budget for other features.

Add a Certain Something

Think out of the box when planning your designer bathroom. Something as simple as a textured wallpaper can add an air of elegant sophistication to even the smallest bathroom, while fancy paint and high-quality accessories can completely transform the look of your bathroom.

Re-Floor the Room

Very often, a bathroom’s floor becomes unsightly over time. Water-damage and usage causes the floor to peel, warp or split, and this can make the whole bathroom look dilapidated and unwelcoming. Changing the floor is a time-consuming job, but done right it can dramatically improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Add cosy underfloor heating underneath a waterproof layer for real hedonism in the winter!

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