Five ways to give your bathroom a refresh

Once you’ve had your bathroom renovated or decorated, it’s hard to change anything in the room once it’s completed. It’s not like a living room where you can move furniture around to a new position or like your kitchen where you can change up your plates and glasses for a new style, once your bathroom is finished, it’s finished.

Some people do paint tiles for a different look but sometimes this doesn’t come out well but there are some cheaper, less permanent ways to update your bathroom that costs minimal and can give it a different feel from what you currently have.


We love our bathroom but I must confess it did miss some of the softer touches that our kitchen had so adding some plants gave it that extra edge. I shopped around for a plant that was good at being in a bathroom setting that didn’t need direct sunlight and the Satin Pothos from Beards and Daisies was perfect. It’s an ideal hanging plant as the leafs don’t take over (it’s not about them hanging in front of your face) and as long as it gets a little indirect sunlight during the day, this plant is super happy. I thought it was also a good opportunity to use one of the hanging baskets from dwellin too as the rattan style looks great with this plant. We don’t have high ceilings but we located the ideal beam in the ceiling and fitted a big hook to hang it from. It definitely gave the bathroom a nice, soft feel and the Satin Pothos has done really well in this location and hanging basket.

Solve any storage problems

We didn’t want loads of products and general bathroom bits in the bathroom as we hate clutter but to be honest, we discovered we had to have more in there then we first planned. To help solve the problem of having tons of stuff on show, I used some of my storage baskets from dwellin to simply hide anything that we didn’t need day to day. It definitely made the place feel tidy and I even used one to put spare toilet rolls in so it freed up some space in our cupboard and funny enough, the colours of the baskets matched our tiles perfectly which I promise wasn’t planned.

Accessorize with the essentials

Another clever way of updating and giving your bathroom a new feel is by buying a new bathroom accessory set including a soap dish, dispenser and toothbrush holder.  We decided on a nautical style with ours and the blue really incorporates our tiles and our general love of this colour! When buying these sets, try to buy one that is not too trendy, that wouldn’t look out of date quickly as you may decide to keep the set for 5 years +, so you want something that is classic or a modern style that won’t date easily.


I am seeing more and more artwork featured in bathrooms now which can be super fun especially if it’s framed art – which means you can change the print when you like. I have also seen some cute neon signs which adds a dramatic feel and talking point.  Sadly a neon sign would not bode well in our bathroom but I discovered these metal ones from Hoagard. Using a simple sticker design, you just open up the packaging, decide where you want your sign to go and stick! I even made a reel of how easy it was which you can watch here.  Gary was very unsure about our sign when I first hung it as he is a metal worker so he was worried the metal would rust or that it would just fall off the wall from the condensation from water on the walls but so far, it’s been 3 months and the sign still looks like new!

Soft touches

Towels are a great way to change a feel in any bathroom, Whether you want a pop of colour, a pattern or if you want a classic touch, towels are an easy way to implement a style without much effort and cost.

I hope these ideas help you if you feel your bathroom needs a little refresh and a facelift. Any questions or thoughts, please comment below, I’m always on hand to help if you ever need any help with interior ideas etc.

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