Four Investment pieces you must buy now

It’s funny how fashion moves on so quickly. With each season, brings at least 5 new or revamped trends but with street style, bloggers, Pinterest and Primark, the fashion scene is more about what is cool now rather than what is the latest trend piece on the highstreet.

I pulled together this outfit with that thought in mind. Regardless of the weather, season or who is No.1 in the iTunes chart, I wanted to show off 4 key items that will always be fashionable, ready to style and perfect to keep you going all year round.

Embroidered backs are HUGE via Pinterest and street style and regardless of the weather and trend people love a good statement jacket to brighten up any look. Whether it be leather, denim or silk, where your statement Jacket with pride!


*Try wearing your jacket with a hoodie to be a layer queen.

*If it’s summer, try wearing a maxi dress with your jacket thrown over your shoulders for a effortless day to night look.

*The more statement the better so think BRIGHT COLOURS and DECORATION!!

Denim dresses have been in and out of style longer then Karl Lagerfeld has been at Chanel. Why not this year then, invest in one that is easy to wear and versatile all year round.


*Try a pinafold cut and style up with a cute boyish tee.

*To really mix up your denim dress, layer with denim jeans and a strong textured jumper or jacket

*Have fun! Denim is all about being playful

We are all guilty of at least owning one pair of loafers in our lifetime but with the Gucci loafer making a spectacular fashion come back, these shoes are now a staple item for the foreseeable future.


*If you can’t afford Gucci’s pricy option(mine were £485), brands such as ASOS, Zara and Topshop do great value options.

*If you can, go for leather loafers so you can wear without socks as they won’t make your feet smell and will last.

*Try some colour options! These shoes are there to make a casual outfit look smart but fun.

If you are a regular on my blog or social channels, you will know I love a designer bag. Now I’m not hugely keen on the plain Givenchy’s or Prada’s of the world but I love bags that say ‘Hey! Check me out!’ I think as well as classic designer bags, fun ones are just as desirable and best yet, they offer your outfit some diversity and depth.


*Make sure your statement bag isn’t too ‘trend’ lead. You will want to wear it all year round.

*Keep it fun. Moschino, Zara and Missco Girl are great for colourful, quirky bags.

*Make sure your bag matches LOTS of your wardrobe looks as there is nothing worse then not having much to wear with a great, statement bag.

My outfit:

Jacket – Topshop

Dress – Fatface

Shoes – Gucci

Bag – Moschino

I hope you found these tips and ideas helpful!

What are your key items for your wardrobe this year?



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