French Street Ballers

London Street Style 2014 Bunnipunch London Street Style 2014 BunnipunchLondon Street Style 2014 BunnipunchLondon Street Style 2014 BunnipunchLondon Street Style 2014 BunnipunchYou may know that I like to experiment with fashion so I thought I would try mixing this men’s jumper from Fenchurch with a feminine look.  The jumper it’s self is a unisex style and it long so most ladies will love the shape and cut. I just love the pure sports injection and I have been a basketball fan for years so this is ideal for me too.

I’m massively into my headgear at the moment and after a normal day scouting on twitter I discovered The Gallic Rooster and their lovely Berets that they offer. There are loads of knock offs berets but The Gallic Rooster has some quality options that are really commercial and will always be on-trend.

Necklaces that are personalised are ideal for an added extra and Lola Rose have started doing some and I thought I would show mine off. In a simple design that is classic and could be worn with any look, this Lola Rose necklace is really good quality and is becoming a huge favourite of mine.

Jumper – Fenchurch at Bank Fashion

Skort – Zara

Shoes – Dr Martens

Beret – The Gallic Rooster

Necklace – Lola Rose

Socks – Tabio

Images by Gary Spencer-Tracey


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