Get Lashy with Lashem

Lashem were recently kind enough to send over some of the Lash make-up products for me to try out. As I love practising with make-up, I was pretty much up for the challenge as I was very intrigued to what the make-up brand would send. 
First of all I tried the Measurable Difference Lash Gel, which improves the quality and flexibility of your lashes and helps them look more healthy. I applied a little dab of the gel onmy lashes repeatedly for a few days and I did notice a difference in my Lashes condition and feel.
I also tried and tested Lashem’s Double Trouble Mascara which has two brushes, one that Lengthens while the other gives bold lashes without the clumps. I am pretty lucky and have naturally long lashes so this product was great if I wanted more of a natural look that was more demure and less in your face. With both sides of the Mascara, I did feel a benefit using the product and it gave me more of a muted lash rather then big and chunky. I would definitely use this product again and I think it is well worth you having a go yourself, so check out Lashem’s on-line store, here.
All images by Bunnipunch

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