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Slendertone review bunnipunchI don’t know why, but I have always been rather skeptical about any at-home fitness tricks, trends and videos and to stay in shape, I have to work extremely hard. I have known about Slendertone for many years now but have always been reluctant to try out this Abs enhancing machine.  After seeing the advert for Slenderton’s most recent Abs belt on the Tv, I decided to stop being so judgemental and put my money where my mouth is.

Slendertone review bunnipunch Slendertone review bunnipunchOnce I received my Slenderton box, I emptied out all the key ingredients and keen to get the ball rolling.  The instructions that were enclosed seemed to be pretty simple and informed me that the hand remote would have to be charged first so I got that underway.

I then prepared the belt by attach the silicone pads that were enclosed in a palch into the correct positions. If you are unsure on where to place them, you can try the belt on and see where certain parts of your stomach sit inside the belt.  The silicone pads do also come with separate covers for each one so you can keep them clean when they are not being used.

Slendertone review bunnipunchAfter the hand remote was charged, I thought it was time to try out the Slendertone and see what it is all about. I attached the remote to the clip which was on the belt and held the ON button until the Slendertone symbol appeared on the hand remote screen. Once it was ready to roll, I just used the arrow buttons on the right and left to control the purse action and how extreme I wanted the vibrations to be. I started using it with 30 as the setting on both the right and left and let the automatic setting of 30 minutes begin.  After my first session was over, I decided to try it on a hard setting and pressed the arrows until it reached 45. The difference is huge between 30 and 45 and you really feel your stomach muscles tensing with each purse.

I have continued to use Slenderton for a few months now(once a day, three times a week) and have definitely found a difference in my Abs. With my Marathon training that I have been doing regularly, this has helped with my running as my stomach muscles are stronger and I have found doing sit ups and push ups easier too.  I think many people may find that Slenderton could be a quick fix which it can be but it is also good to strengthen your core muscles and it will definitely encourage you to maintain a regular fitness regime.  I am really surprised by Slendertone’s effects and it is something I would highly recommend to others. If you are overweight slight, this could help you but try to tie it in with other regular activities too as you will feel more confident and heathy inside and out.

There are plenty more Slendertone products to try for both Men and Women and get programs on wellbeing and fitness too!


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