Getting a good night’s sleep with Leesa

It’s funny but in my 20’s I needed little to no sleep. When I was living in London, I would be out at all hours partying(on many school nights) at Heaven or with my friends in west London enjoying some home-cooked meals. But as soon as I hit my mid 30’s, all of a sudden, I want and NEED my sleep.

It’s a strange time when you prefer a lay in rather than scrolling through your Instagram but now I’m training again for the London Marathon 2019, sleep is key and that is why a good mattress is just as important too.

This is where Leesa steps in. An online mattress company, Leesa has one style of mattress that suits many types of sleepers. With a 3-Layer Foam Construction of 5cm Cooling Avena® Foam Top Layer, 5cm Contouring Memory Foam and 15cm Core Support Foam Base, the Leesa mattress is supportive yet soft to sleep on. It’s surprising that Leesa only do one style of mattress as both Gary and I prefer the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to softness and firmness but I was keen to see how comfortable a Leesa mattress would be never the less. I was also a little concerned as I have previously found form mattresses not very supportive. I’ve had problems with my back on other mattresses so I wasn’t sure how a Leesa mattress would help me but you never know how good something is until you try it.

After trying out our new Leesa mattress for over a month now, all my worries about being comfortable and sleeping generally has gone. I haven’t had any back pain at all and I have had some really peaceful nights sleep on it too. Gary has seemed to enjoy the new mattress also and said that it has enough firmness for him to be comfortable all night.

There are 8 sizes available and you simply order what size you need and it’s delivered straight to your home. I was a little unsure as I prefer to try out a mattress before I decide on one I want but both me and Gary are totally impressed with Leesa and we love just how sturdy and comfortable the mattress is. We ordered a UK King size which fits our pallet bed perfectly and it was really lovely having a new mattress to use in our newly decorated bedroom.

Each Leesa mattress also comes with a 10-year limited warranty too which is proof that one of Leesa’s mattresses can stand the test of time.

Leesa is also helping those who need it by donating 30,000 mattresses (one mattress donated for
every ten they sell), planting 135,000 trees (one for every purchase that is made) and have even donated 2,000 hours to volunteering at their local communities. Not bad ah?

Why not try Leesa for yourself here. I promise you will get a great night’s sleep on it.

DISCLAIMER: Leesa gifted a UK King size mattress to me for an honest review.


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  1. Selina says:

    Food for thought, love the base! Have been collecting free pallets over the summer holidays for various up-cycling home projects, but this is pretty cool All looks really fab, well done.

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