Getting a personal touch with Wrappz

phone designBunnipunch phone coverI have never been one for personalised phone cases but when I saw the great options that Wrappz produced, it dramatically changed my mind.  With Wrappz, you have the choice of either having a wrap around case, a clip version or a sticker but I thought a clip case was fine for me. There are many different images to choose from on the site but as I wanted something meaningful to me, I decided to use one of my own image from last Fashion Week to go on the case.

Once I selected the cover I wanted for my iphone, it was really easy to upload the image I wanted and scale and move it into place.

Once I was finished, I simply completed my order and within a week I had my new phone cover!

I was really shocked that it got to me so quickly and the quality is really good! I have had it on my phone now for well over three weeks and the image and case are still completely in tact and believe me, my phone gets a lot of use every day.

If you are thinking about adding a special touch to your phone, why not try Wrappz and best yet, these cases would make a great Christmas gift too!


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