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When I was in my 20’s I seriously took sleep for granted. I used to party for long hours out in London with my mates until 2am and then be in work at Topshop for 7:30am. This did happen a little more then I would like to admit but now I am firmly in my 30’s (40 is not far off). Those days of partying with little to no sleep are sadly a thing of the past.

The other hurdle that I haven’t mentioned is long covid. I have it and it’s horrid. I used to be able to survive of 5/6 hours sleep a night and then go out and run 10 miles with no issue but when you have long covid and you are trying to exercise, it can be nearly impossible. Now with all these little factors in play, it is EVEN more important that I get some decent kip.

With all this talk of sleep, exercise, and how to do both better, those clever people at TEMPUR® have created a new campaign called ‘Sleep Cycles’ and have even teamed up with the Drops Le Col women’s cycling team to promote it. I have never experienced a TEMPUR® mattress before so it was such a real treat to be sent one of their TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original. I wasn’t sure how this pillow would feel when using it but after one night’s sleep, I realised how much I was missing! I found previously that sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night because my old pillow was uncomfortable and I would have to move it around again before going back to sleep so the TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original is a game changer! It is comfortable, stable, and ideal for anyone who tosses and turns in the night. While I sleep my neck and head feel really secure and I find I even fall into a deeper sleep because of the Comfort Pillow. I have found that I wake up a lot less during the night now and I really feel rested when I wake up. My sleep cycles are longer too. I have noticed I dream for longer and have different dreams during the night which shows my sleep cycles have improved since using the TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original.

The TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original fits any standard pillowcase and even has a removable case of its own that can be washed when needed. Made with the same unique TEMPUR® mattress material, the TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original provides complete support with visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your body. I find it’s great support for my shoulders and the pillow fits nicely in-between them and my neck. There’s also a full 3-year guarantee on the pillow so you know it is a worthwhile purchasing to get the maximum rest you deserve. Shop this great pillow now.
DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post.