Old styleHair piecesPinkMe blondeI have always had a long-standing relationships with dying my hair and having it styled and with the cold setting in, I wanted to give my look a kick and revamp as winter is so dull and grey.  I have had a buzz cut style now for quite some time but I find it helps as my hair is extremely thick(so only half a head to brush makes sense). As it sometimes takes a large amount of time to comb through my hair as it seems more curly these days, I thought a shorter version would be a great way to save time and cut off those horrible rat tails.

I recently paid a visit to Toni and Guy when the Regent Tweet event was going on so I thought that they would be able to give me a great colour and give my hair a boast. I first visited Earth hairdressing and had my friend Tomo give me a new shaved head and I asked him to do a long bob on one side. He did a great job and once he was finished, I was eager to get my hair dyed to a lighter shade. I paid a visit to the Toni and Guy at Sloan Square and felt instantly welcome and looked after. I had a consultation with the International Technical Creative Director, Jayson Gray and we discussed some ideas and directions I could take my hair in. Jayson was actually working on some hair dying samples for some shows that he had coming up and these actually gave me some inspiration and helped me decide on a two-tone look.

First Jayson had to strip the dark purple/red that was currently in my hair. As I wanted it bleached we had to see how much would lift before we went full blonde. Lucky for me, a lot of the old colour broke up and you could see I was a lot lighter underneath.

After a rinse off, Jayson then applied the bleach to my hair, let it set and then did the same process for my roots and buzz cut. Once the bleaching was finished, Jayson then added a slight pink rinse to my hair which gave it a gorgeous strawberry blonde look that was natural yet head turning.

I totally love my new look and 3 weeks on, the colour looks lovely and is refreshed every time  it’s washed. It also has a nice shine to it and feels really good and soft to touch.

Over my whole visit at Toni and Guy(which was very long) the staff and Jayson were so lovely and chatty and made sure I always had a nice cup of tea on the go. The waiting around was a breeze and there are plenty of Magazines and even Toni and Guys TV channel to keep you occurred.

If you haven’t had a trip to their salon’s before, I would definitely say you should book an appointment. The teams are so lovely and have a wide range of experience with different hair styles, treatments and colours.

Check out Toni and Guys website to see where your nearest salon is and get some VIP treatment today!

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