Give your Autumn a summer hit with Makers & Co

Makers & CoMakers & CoMakers & Co

It’s always sad when summer ends and the colder weather creeps in but there is no reason why we can’t continue rituals we reserve for the warmer months.

 Makers & CoMakers & CoMakers & CoMakers & CoMakers & CoMakers & Co

After some really hard and gruelling months to get our garden redone, it’s no wonder I want to spend lots of time in it. Luckily, after discovering Makers & Co, Gary and me decided to spend some time in the garden over the weekend and enjoy some downtime and a glass of this wine cocktail. With flavours including Lime, mint and hibiscus and Cranberry, rose petal and hibiscus, these drinks are perfect partners for a salad dinner, time with friends or even accompanied with a home cooked lunch.  I’m not a huge wine person but both these flavours were delicious and sweet enough for even my taste buds.  Gary on the other hand LOVES wine and he loved both of these flavours from Makers & Co.

Makers & Co Makers & Co Makers & CoMakers & Co Makers & CoMakers & CoMakers & CoMakers & Co Makers & Co

You can also enjoy these wines with added ingredients including strawberries, lime, mint or drink while munching on watermelon or crips and a dip.

Makers & Co Makers & Co Makers & Co Makers & Co Makers & Co

Check out Makers & Co website or purchase from Sainsbury’s here.


Makers & Co Makers & Co

Hat – Zara

Jumper – Zara

Jeans – Superdry

Sunglasses – Firmoo


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  1. Lovely photos! Your garden is beautiful, and that wine looks amazing!

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