Giving Dinner time a lighter scent

Candelabox Bunnipunch 2014 Candelabox Bunnipunch 2014 I’m a totally sucker for a Candle. Whether it be over dinner with my husband or during some me-time in the bath, a good candle can relax me and set a lovely mood.

Candelabox is a great online store that offers customers a chance to do a one off purchase or a regular monthly one so you can keep topped up with your candle and scented needs. Once you select what option you want, you are then taken through to the next stage where you can select the scent you prefer and answer a few questions to make your selection more personal. I think these would make a great present for someone you love as you can select different features that would match your friend’s or family’s personality perfectly.

I opted for a Spicy and oriental style candle as it’s different from the sweet vanillas and fruits that I usually have. It has a very warm but strong smell that compliments my place nicely and we normally have it lite during dinner.

When your candles arrive, they are also presented in lovely packing which makes this purchase more special and unique.  Mine came in this lovely wooden box with a sliding screen which I will definitely keep for some knick-knacks.

Why not have a look on Candelabox and see what makes scents to you?

Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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