Giving your pets and home some love and care with FRONTLINE® Spot On

Front line for your petsWe all love our pets but with us making a fuss of them, taking them for walks and playing fetch, we sometimes forget that they need more TLC in other departments.  Growing up with cats, I didn’t really think about fleas and ticks until I started combing my cat’s fur with a flea comb. It was horrible to see fleas in her fur and in the house so after that, I definitely took more of an interest in her health and her environment. You can keep fleas at bay with regularly combing but with interaction with other cats and tons of places to explore, you definitely need something stronger to keep these jumping pests away.

FRONTLINE® Spot On is a really easy product to use for your pets and by treating them monthly, you can enjoy the good times and keep your house clean too. Ruth Langsford from This Morning and Loose Women is fronting a new campaign with the brand which also features her uber cute rescue dog Maggie. With these helpful videos below, you can learn tips to keeping your house clean and ways to look after your pets when they have fleas or ticks.

These videos are well worth a watch especially if you have young children and if you regularly entertain your friends and their pets at your home. I wish I was more educated on this subject early on but thankfully we all can learn a little more from FRONTLINE® Spot On and videos like these.
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Front line for your pets


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