Goodbye tea bags and Hello nice tea!

Infuse tea bunnipunchInfuse tea bunnipunchInfuse tea bunnipunchInfuse tea bunnipunchWe are huge tea lovers in our house so when I am sent any new flavours to try, Gary is often the one to start boiling the kettle. I do love tea as much as he does so when I heard Bistrotea created these bag-less tea pods, I was intrigued to try.  These new pods are easy and mess free when it comes to making a cup of tea and they come in an array of flavours to try.  The tea pods are so simply to use and you simply place them in a cup or mug and add hot watch. Some of the flavours can sit in soak for up to 5 Minutes but everyone likes tea at different strengths. Once you are happy with the length of time, just take out the tea pod and pop it in the bin. It is a lot easier and there isn’t any tea or water trails from your cup to the bin.

We tried the Red tea which had lovely hint of Jasmine to liven it up. I sadly had to add one sugar as I have a big sweet tooth but this really made the flavour for me and gave off a lovely warm smell too.

Why not try these Tea pods for yourself? You never know, they may convert you from that old bag you are always using.

Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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