Grannies Inc know good wool for Winter

Colder months are creeping in so with that in mind, Grannies INC are working with our beloved old folk to make sure the younger ones are warm. I was given the opportunity to design my own hat on Grannies INC website and it really was an interesting process. Once I had designed my hat (first picture below) I was then taken through the check out and could actually choose which Grannie I wanted to create my hat. After much thought, Grannie Josie was my choice and I was rather excited to see the finished product.  When you go through the checkout process, each Grannie you can choice from, gives you a date for when they can have your hat completed so I was rather surprised when mine Josie had finished mine a little early.

I love the idea that you can design your own hate and with these Grannies on board; you know you are in the hands of some very talented knitters!

Have a look on their website yourself and see what Grannie you will choose to make your own creation!

Thanks Grannie Josie!
All images(apart from top one) by Bunnipunch

2 responses to “Grannies Inc know good wool for Winter”

  1. daisychain says:

    Oh wow, love love love.

  2. Lolo says:

    I know so cute!! Such a different idea!

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