Grey Fur & Mulberry

Grey coat and Mulberry AW14 Grey coat and Mulberry AW14 Grey coat and Mulberry AW14 Grey coat and Mulberry AW14 Grey coat and Mulberry AW14 Grey coat and Mulberry AW14Grey coat and Mulberry AW14Grey coat and Mulberry AW14Grey coat and Mulberry AW14Grey coat and Mulberry AW14Grey coat and Mulberry AW14 I know you are probably thinking that I am mad to have my legs out in this weather but I really wanted to show you this amazing dress from Over my Body.  As it is a little short, I wanted to layer it up with some leggings and make it look more sporty and relaxed but it can be worn as evening dress too.  I love the mesh panel at the top and instead of wearing this with a black bra, I tried it with a bikini top instead to give it a injection of colour.  It’s also good great pockets and I love it’s cool yet cute cut and style.

To add to a more relaxed look, I wanted to show you these gorgeous trainers from Gola x Liberty.  With a fleck print in a gorgeous turquoise, these trainers are really comfortable for all year round and I love the blue against the black and grey that I am wearing here.

I have never worked with Mulberry before so it was great to collaborate with the brand and wear this gorgeous Mini Lily bag in Red.  I love the metal chain that it comes with and the leather is so thick and has a raw cut which I adore! It’s a fairly small bag for everyday but it is big enough to get your phone, lipstick and some cash in and is ideal for a night out or even date down the pub or out for some grub.

Phone cases are a huge accessory at the moment and I totally fell for this real Mother of Pearl one from Case Hut. Available in this shade or cream, it’s a huge favourite among the bloggers at present and it’s colour splash is ideal for me as I am always wearing clashing colours and miss-match prints.
I don’t mind a bit of costume jewellery here and there but when it comes to rings, I prefer to wear real silver and not horrid green marks.  I have recently collaborated with two amazing jewellery brands and even though they both produce good quality silver pieces, their designs could not be more different! Designed by Nature is exactly what it says. Taking inspiration from Mother Earth, the brand has produced some really creative pieces including this Silver bud ring! I really admire the way the piece has shaped my finger perfectly and as it is adjustable, it will fit any hand and looks really elegant and divine!
The other more modern ring I am wearing is from Antonio Bayona. With a Spire design, it again shapes my finger but it excels a really chic look that is timeless and uber cool. The brand’s other pieces are similar to this one and I love how generally different they are from other designs I have seen on the market.
So do you like this dress styled in a sporty way? Any comments are welcome!
It’s my birthday soon so I will be wearing some cute party wear pieces for December and January and showing that even though it’s Christmas soon,  turing 32 is pretty important too.

 Dress – Over my body

Bikini top – Freya

Bag – Mulberry

Leggings – ASOS

Scarf – New Look

Necklace – New Look

Coat – TK Maxx

Trainers – Gola x Liberty

Mobile phone case – Case Hut

Silver bud ring – Designed by Nature

Spire ring – Antonio Bayona

Images by Gary Spencer-Tracey


4 responses to “Grey Fur & Mulberry”

  1. Allie Smith says:

    Love this outfit, that is the most perfectly festive Mulberry bag going!

    Allie x

    Rush & Teal

  2. millie says:

    Your style is awesome ! and really like your blog theme !

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