Hair inspiration for 2015

Hair inspirationIf you know me, you will know by now that I get BORED very easily when it comes to my hair. I am forever changing the cut, colour, shape and texture and I love nothing more than playing about with styling tools and having FUN!

As I am a keen user on Pinterest, I started my own Hair Inspiration board and it has really got my juices going for a new look.  With so many colours to play around with and cute curly styles, I started to plan out some look ideas I could try and then the Golden Globes happened.

Sienna Miller was always a style icon of mine but when I saw her cute messy boob this month, I knew I had to repeat her amazing look! It is such an edgy cut and I love how boyish yet feminine it looks too!Sienna Miller hair 2015After booking an appointment with the Sassoon Academy in London, I took my picture of Sienna with me and this is the finished result!!
hair inspiration for 2015hair inspiration for 2015What do you think? I would like to go a little shorter and have some more layers as my hair is generally very heavy but apart from that I am really happy! I love how the shape compliments my face and I love how my buzz cut makes it look a little more trendy too! My hair is naturally curly so I will always get a wave of some kind but when I use a diffuser to dry my hair with, it gives me tons of volume and I love the finished result!

So what style hair cuts do you like at the moment?


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  1. Candice says:

    Oh wow the style looks so good
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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