Hidden stresses of the Count down for London Fashion Week

Am I the only one who, when counting down the days to London Fashion week, starts stressing about receiving all the invites in time, what I am going to wear? I swear the whole, progress and events themselves are as stressful as a high-powered job.  I know many will be thinking ‘You must be joking’ but in this industry we aren’t just judged by what we do but by what we say, what we look like and who are our friends or connections. All the time we are falling over ourselves to get the best sits in front row, tweeting every minute of our lives about what we are doing or where we are and working on connecting with people in the industries many companies to get ahead or to get that best possibly invite for an event.
But I love it. 
I will happily take the stress and manic of the Fashion industry and trying to get ahead of the rest of the Grads and wannabes that are trying to share my environment. If you really want it, you have to keep plugging away and eventually it will reap rewards from all your hard efforts and be recognized for who you really are. Some strays may come and go but it’s the ones that keep pushing and pushing will get somewhere.

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