My Designer DesirablesWe all love a little surf shopping and after a recent scouting trip online, I found a cool website that contains all my favourite indie brands and some new cherished ones too. Designer Desirables is the online shop that stocks brands such as Finders Keepers, Bill + Mar and Evil Twin but has lots of new designers that I haven’t heard of too. I know the term ‘designer’ gives the impression of un-affordability but what is great about this site is that they have a wide range of prices and is affordable for all. They also have regular sales on which is a major plus for everyone especially those with expensive tastes.

The functions of the site are really easy to use and you don’t feel too bogged down with too much choice which can happen with wide branded sites. You can easily shop by category or go straight to your favourite designer and their latest treats they have.

Here are some of my favourite lusty pieces from Designer Desirables and you never know, you may discover some new and lusty for you too.

(The pieces I have chosen are all S/S 13 and have a great SALE price on them so don’t hang about cos I know I won’t!)

(L – R)

Sweater – Sinstar

Marble dress – Bill + Mar

White dress – Finders keepers

Gorilla print dress – Fairground

Print dress – Stella Morgan

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