How and why you should celebrate your friendships

Arguably your friends can be some of the most important people in your life. As for some, they are the family you choose. 

Your friends are always on hand to give you the emotional support you need when you need it and a good friend will always be there to listen, provide a shoulder to cry on, and give you much-needed advice when you need it most. This in turn helps you navigate your way through difficult or stressful times in your life and also gives you confidence when you need it and can help pick you up when you are feeling down. 

Friends are not just there for support in the bad times but play a huge part in creating the happy times of your life too. They are there to share the highs and lows and experience new things and new places together.  Having a strong social circle can help improve or sustain good mental health. Socialising is proven to stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation and your friends play a huge part in that. Your friends can also influence the person you become, if you surround yourself with kind-hearted, generous and loyal people you are likely to replicate their behaviour and develop and share these values. 

Good friends can impact your life in so many ways and enrich it for the better, so why wouldn’t you want to celebrate that? As time goes by, life does get busier and you busy yourself with climbing careers ladders, starting a family and it can be all too easy to let your once treasured friendships fall by the wayside.

If you find your friendships are in need of a quick re-boot then make the time for them. Arrange to spend some time together doing the things you all love. It may be going out for a meal together or perhaps you have a shared love of running, if so, then go for a run and a smoothie afterwards together. Or, if you really don’t have the time or there is too much distance between you then send your friends a gift to let them know you are thinking of them. Perhaps you could send them a framed photo of one of your happiest or silliest memories or send them a sentimental token to represent your friendship. Buy Claddagh rings online, which represents friendship and loyalty for example and have it wrapped and sent to your friend’s home. Or at the very least, phone your friend. If you can’t see them and you can’t send a gift make the time and effort to give them your undivided attention over the phone. Catch up on each other’s lives and show that you still care and love them. 

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