How To Create Good Habits

Creating good habits doesn’t just happen overnight. We may know that one person who says that they are going to do something and suddenly in a few month’s time they doing really well at it. These people simply have the knack of making their ideas turn into a habit, something they have incorporated into their daily lives.

How To Create Good Habits

If you wish to have a little more postive habits in your life, here is how you can create some good ones in your day to day life.

Start Small

In fact, start even smaller than you think you should. Many people want to go big and make substantial changes and sadly they don’t stick. It might be because something is out of your comfort zone, or that you didn’t realise the amount of effort you would have to put in beforehand. Ditching the ciggies cold turkey rather than swapping to something that replaces the physical motion and psychological reliance (you can even make it more interesting by checking out could vapes and the best RDA). Whatever it is you want to do, then start smaller. If you’re going to tackle 100 pushups a day, start with 5. Looking to run 10 miles a day? The start will be walking 1 mile. Incremental implementation will build this habit into your life and give you a foundation to build from. 

Love It

Have you ever been reading a book and you just can’t put it down, or sitting in the car until a song finishes? You need to have that feeling for the changes you want to make. The love for the good habits you are building will mean that on the days where it sucks a little bit you have the want to make it work and push through. Runners don’t always love running in freezing conditions – but they love running, so they will do it regardless.

Small Goals

Creating small goals on your way to a big goal is a great way to keep yourself motivated and track your progress. If you want to read 40 books in a few months, you need to set a goal to read a book in a few weeks and have a list of them to tick off once you are done. It is often easier to be hard on yourself for not doing, but actually, positive reinforcement is going to see you reach your end goal. 

Toxic People

When you decide to embark on a new excellent habit adventure, there are going to be people who question your motives, and tell you that you won’t make it. You have to find a way to silence that negativity or remove it from your life and surround yourself with people who have the same goals and who would wish you well. Social media is actually a great place to connect with people who are on the same journey as you, and often you can find an accountability buddy by accident. So search for hashtags that match what you are looking for and help others along the way too.

Creating good habits takes more than just a few days, it takes weeks and months to build something new into your life. It isn’t impossible by any means, but it takes work and positivity to get it done. 


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