How to diet properly and stick to it!

Unless you are determined, have a realistic plan or have someone to do it with, sticking to a diet is extremely hard.

I have tried a few diets here and there and found that they gave me some sort of result but after a short period of time, I would resort back to my normal eating habits.

The inspiration to start this latest diet was the haunting knowledge of the amount of preservatives, sugar and chemicals that is in our food. Anything that is generally out of a packet is not good for us and once I started reading labels of the things we would normally buy, I knew I had to make a change.

So with Gary (the hubby) giving me guidance from his previous allergy diet, we both decided to embark on a healthy new lifestyle that will help us loose some weight and feel great too.

So since the start of June, me and Gary have cut out:


Added Sugar,


Preservatives and anything not natural.

Surprising with all these things cut out, it is hard to find things to eat but as long as we stick to meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy then we should be fine.

Just in case you are thinking of a diet like this, here are some meal ideas to get you started:


* Scrambled egg, mushrooms and sweetcorn


*Fruit and honey


* Pancakes and fruit


*Fresh soup

*Ryvitas with cheese and ham




*Roast dinner – Minus the gravy and yorkshires

*Spaghetti Bolognese

*Chicken with paprika


*Pop Chips – (only sea salt flavour)

*Coconut yogurts


To help stick to this diet so far, me and Gary have planned out meals, dinners, planned our breakfasts and also looked at all the labels of everything we buy. I also looked at recipes online and Pinterest is a great source too.

I will be documenting how I get on as I really want to promote healthy eating and feel good inside as well as out.


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