How to keep your house clean and tidy

This year I have working hard to turn over a new leaf. As well as trying to make some of my dreams and aspirations come true, I have also been working at being a better wife at home. I know it sounds boring but I really want to keep on top of the housework because when you work from home, it’s very easy to say repeatedly that you will ‘do it tomorrow’. Tomorrow turns into the next day and then the next and before you know it, you have 3 weeks of washing to do and put away and a very dusty house that you haven’t bothered to hoover. It’s also vital that I keep on top of the housework because when you renovate your house, dust is a BIG problem. It gets everywhere (the loft had a great covering of it after we finished upstairs) and now that we have decorated our bedroom, spare room (walk-in closet for us) and bathroom, I’m keen to keep it as clean as possible before we start renovating the downstairs.

There are a few things I have been doing to help me on my quest for great wife-ness and I thought I would pass on the wisdom of juggling life and homework stuff.

Now I actually enjoy doing the washing. I may change my mind when I have kids and need to do 3 washes a day but right now, I don’t mind it.

It helps that our new cupboard is a place for sheets, towels and a laundry hamper area which keeps our washing organized, but I also find that this fold away washing basket from Addis is also key for keeping things tidy.

When I am ready to do a wash, I simply open it out and load up what colours I want to do that day. I normally keep the basket folded above the washing machine or on a shelf in our airing cupboard when it isn’t needed and it’s light too so when it’s loaded up, you can easily carry it outside to the washing line or move around the house with it.

To assist in keeping things a little more organised at home, Addis has a trio of bins that are colour coded and interlock to keep them inline. With 3 sections (one for recycling, non-recycling and the last one we are using for shredding), these bins are easy to use and great to help keep you on top of your recycling and be a little more environmentally pro-active.

We have installed some gorgeous radiators in our rooms upstairs but the only downside is that are they hard to clean between the bars or behind them.  It was perfect timing then that I saw this duster from Addis which is a godsend! It fits perfectly in-between and behind our radiators and it is great for doing door frames and the top of our large mirror in our hallway.

DISCLAIMER: ADDIS gifted me these pieces to trial and review them honestly.


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